Why iSure?

iSure is an easy-to-use, yet powerful database system for the finance and insurance industry or any other sector. With its holistic approach, scalability and communication capabilities, it meets the needs of modern businesses in all sectors.

What makes the iSure system so usable is that all components are integrated into one system. The integrated editor for the development of new products is very intuitive and makes the entire process accessible to everyone involved.

Once set up, these products can generate and analyze data. A set of related data is called a process. Products can run in a variety of scenarios. They can act as an input form for the user, an API2 for other systems, or a timed process that runs automatically in specific time frames

Each piece of information (data) or process is stored in iSure. The information that can be stored is endless and independent of its type or origin. The data can be enriched with more information without changing anything in the iSure platform itself.

For example, if you find at a later date in your address database that you need additional information, such as geo-information, it is no problem to simply add these fields without having to reprogram the entire address table. Existing records can be easily updated or supplemented.

Advantages of iSure
  • Endlessly scalable
    iSure is hosted in the cloud (AWS Amazon Web Services) and uses services that scale themselves according to usage. When demand is high, the system automatically allocates more resources to the required service.

  • Ease of deployment
    New instances of iSure can be up and running in a matter of hours.

  • Secure
    Communication between the client (e.g., a user in front of his PC) and the iSure backbone system is encrypted. Other AWS services run only when needed. After completing its specific task, a service is terminated. Thus, there is no entry point for a potential hacking attempt.

  • Easy to program
    Developing new products in iSure is relatively easy. A low-code approach is the basis of every iSure product1. After a short training period, anyone is able to develop their own products.

  • Modern Technology
    iSure uses modern database technologies to process very large amounts of data. To process very large amounts of data, iSure uses noSQL instead of traditional SQL databases.

Some iSure hard facts
  • In the last 5 years iSure has generated and processed more than 180’000 emails. It is able to process more than 10’000 emails per minute.

  • The iSure database currently consists of more than 50 million records. These records are self-generated.

  • An iSure product (or simply a product) is an application that is developed in the iSure system.

  • In today’s business world, low-code has become a phenomenon for developing software with little or no development skills. iSure takes the low-code development path even further with a no-code approach. This makes it even easier to create applications (products).

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